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Monday, July 18, 2011

What I did on my summer vacation

 The year was 1957 and our family once again took a road trip across the country, traveling from Buffalo, NY to Utah for Aunt Kathy's wedding. This was the year I got my long, shoulder length hair cut off at my mother's insistence, and Linda and I got our first perm for the wedding. Mom said it was Aunt Kathy's idea, and we would do anything for Kathy, so we went to the beauty parlor and got the whole smelly routine. My hair smelled every time it got wet for the next six months. The above photo must have been on our way home when we stopped at Yellowstone National Park to see Old Faithful and the mountain full of presidents. This Indian stood around the lodge so people could take photos of him. He certainly looks authentic.

This summer my "vacation" was going to Arizona to check on the work being done to our house and to pick out carpeting, tile, paint and lighting. I actually got it all done and feel good about that! Hopefully it will all be finished before we go back there at Christmastime.
 This photo is looking into the dining room and living room where the wall was taken down. You can see all the paint colors I was trying on the LR wall. I think I found a good one! Of course that remains to be seen. The guys were plastering ceiling and walls last week while I was there. If you notice the fireplace on the right hand wall you can see where they raised it off the floor so they can built a raised hearth and add stone and a mantel. I wish one of my talented sons was close by to do some of this for us, but life does not seem to grant us those favors.

I had a nice time visiting with Grampa Jim. We managed to go for Mexican food a few times, so that made me happy! Grampa is doing well. He had some skin cancer removed from his face while I was there and now sports stitches and big bandages. Of course we all know that that will never keep him out of the sun. He goes to the pool every day and walks back and forth in the water to exercise his legs. We also had to go with him to Ted's Hotdog Stand for hotdogs. Ted's originated in Buffalo, and is a place where Grampa went all the time when he was a kid. For him it is a treat, and a walk down memory lane. 

I didn't take any other photos, sorry. But I did enjoy time with Danielle and Anna Marie, who are now in Pennsylvania visiting her family. Also Mary and Matt and I watched movies and enjoyed each other. Mostly I ran around looking for things for the house.

Now I am home again and looking forward to Chris and Gina and Ethan and Tatum, who will be arriving on Monday! What a treat! Can't wait! 

Love to all,