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Monday, March 4, 2013

A Lifetime Event

My Dad's 90th birthday was February 20, 2013. We celebrated his birthday and his life on Saturday, February 16. He is surrounded here by many of his grandchildren and also great-grandchildren. 
 This photo shows us five kids with Dad.
 Chris, Linda, Rand, Marcie, Joel

Chris brought Dad a trophy for sports, family,  
and service to church and country.
 Here is my family with Dad.
Marcie, Mike and Renn
Jennie, Dad and Polly 
 This is a five generation shot!
Me in the back and in front is Becky, Dad, 
Polly and Becky's twins, Grey and Micah.
My brother Chris also came up with this Lifetime Achievement Award! What a great idea!

The party was a huge success, and in great part because of the generosity of my darling cousins who all brought wonderful food for everyone, and my cousin Brenda who volunteered the use of her backyard, which is fabulous!

Anna Marie came up with a darling skit idea and all the kids participated in quick little dances to mark the generations that my Dad has been around. They did the Charleston, the Twist and even a little Rap!

The kids are performing "Splish, Splash, I was Taking a Bath"
The guys doing "YMCA"
"Surfing USA"
All my cousins but two were there! Has that ever happened before?

Jonathan Call made this great video of old photos from Dad's life.