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Sunday, March 29, 2009


What? Another blog? Well, this one will be for family fun, photos, and the like. If you are a Patch, related by blood, marriage, or the foreign exchange student program, you are welcome to contribute.

I reserve the right to edit or reject manuscripts, blah, blah, blah. Of course I don't expect this to be a problem (but Becky will be closely monitored). Actually, I will be amazed if anyone else contributes, but I thought I would offer...

Well, naturally we are starting with Renn and Keira's wedding, March 14, 2009. You have already seen great photos of them, so let's move on to the back story.

Here is Kyle and Grandpa Patch. Notice that Grandpa has a
suit coat on. This will be the last time you see it because.....

Exhibit number one: Danielle wearing Grandpa's suit coat. Well, she was not feeling well and was chilled, so being the gentleman that he is, Grandpa offered his coat to her.

Exhibit number two: Look at that handsome Kyle looking so good and well dressed! Hey, that suit coat looks familiar! Yup, it is Grandpa's coat. Kyle only smiles like that when he is trying to get away with something.

Exhibit number three: Here is a lovely photo of Matt and Anna Marie's family, including Grandpa's suit coat. Nice going Kyle! You look great! (Poor Grandpa is off freezing somewhere.)

Below: Someone took this very nice photo of Polly and Grandpa Jim. Gina is in there also, off to the side. A very nice photo of her too, and unfortunately the only one I know of! Sorry Gina. We still love you.

Below: We managed to get a couple cute pics of Uncle Chris holding Kathryn. For some reason she really liked Uncle Chris! (Gina's husband)

Below: Mary and her dad, Chris. Seems that Mary has absconded with her dad's suit coat as well. He doesn't seem to mind tho.

Below: Mary with Grandma Marcie. She is probably laughing at my hair, which did not cooperate at all that day. Some kindly photographer chopped off the top, and all for the better.

Below: Uncle Renn and Mike cracking up over something while Deanne wonders what in the heck is wrong with them.

Below: Mike, Marcie, Deanne and Renn.
Below: Last photo for this post. A nice shot of Polly, Matt, Keira, Renn and Jennie. These are my kids! I love you guys so much!

All right folks, I know that there are wedding photos that I haven't seen. Please select your good ones, and also those of me, and share with us. Travis, this means you too! I posted several on my other blog, and hope you enjoy these few relatively good photos of good relatives. I will add more later.

Love ya!  ~Marcie aka MOM aka Grama


Polly said...

fun, thanks for the new blog, are you going to email us and let us know how to log on so we can participate. I have some cute pictures of later that you haven't seen.

Anonymous said...

So what happened to Dad's suit coat? Did it get lost or did it go home w/ Kyle? Have you returned that "cell Phone"
it sure was fun to see everyone! I love & miss you all bunches! xo jen