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Saturday, October 24, 2009


On October tenth, 2009, our darling girl, Rebeccah Louise Froelich, was married to Travis Pitcher of Orem Utah. I left home on October 5th so I could get there early. After the wedding, I flew to Arizona to spend a week with Matt’s family. I got some flu bug (don’t say Swine Flu) and was down for the count the whole week I was in Arizona. I came home on Tuesday, October 20th, still feeling kinda crummy. Mostly I am TIRED and still coughing. So that is my excuse for such late reporting of such a monumental event!

Becky and Travis picked me up at the SLC airport on Monday, October 5th. I had met Travis before at Renn’s wedding, but didn’t really talk to him much. All I knew for sure was that he is very tall and has curly blonde hair. And that my granddaughter Becky is madly in love with him. After an hour long trip back to Provo it became apparent to me why she adores him. Travis is the real deal. In him I see honesty, thoughtfulness, kindness and purity all wrapped up in a big smile. He rather glows with goodness! Becky chose very well, I believe.

Upon arriving in Provo Travis's car broke down and his dad came and delivered us the rest of the way home.

I wish I had a picture of Travis and another young man pushing the vehicle off the road into a parking lot, and of Becky steering and learning for the first time how it feels when there is no power steering. Oh the trials of being young and broke!

We arrived at Becky’s apartment and what was soon to become “the love nest” after the wedding, of course. Polly had been there a few weeks earlier and, with some help from Travis and Becky, painted the whole interior. Everything looked nice and clean. The apartment is a unit in an old home in downtown Provo that has been divided into three or four apartments. It could use some work, to say the least. But for Becky and Travis it will suffice for a while until they feel the need to move on. First apartments are supposed to be memorable so they stand as a point of reference for when you achieve more in life.

Travis rode off on his scooter to go to work and Becky and I were left alone. Becky had been experimenting with cooking and had homemade rolls (she needs more work in that area) and homemade squash soup. The soup may sound a bit odd, but let me tell you, it was fabulous! The squash soup was pureed and then finely chopped ham, apples and pecans was sprinkled on top. Very gourmet. I hope she will serve me that again some day.

OK, I am taking too long on all of this. Let me just say that I was happy to be there a couple days early as it gave me time to spend with Becky before the mad crush.

Aren't they cute! More later...

Photos by Lisa! I swiped them from her blog. (Click there to go to her blog)

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Polly said...

Thanks for the cute post, you think your behind, I haven't posted a thing. I keep relying on other people to do the posting. It was a nice wedding and I'm glad so much family was able to be there with us!