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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Utah Trip 2010

 Polly, Grandpa Jim and Jennie
It is good to be home sleeping in my own bed after almost a month away. However, this morning I was awakened by screaming sea gulls. It was more quiet in every other bed that I slept in while away, even at student housing---well, except for Kathryn, who always needed something from her room that I was sleeping in, in spite of that fact that her mom got everything for her the night before. But what is the point of being five if you can't be the center of the universe, as she certainly is!

I had the pleasure of seeing all of my children and grandchildren on this trip. Plus my dad and lots of other relatives. It was great!  This was my first glimpse of Isaac since we saw him as a newborn last Christmas. He and Keira picked me and Jennie up at the airport in Salt Lake. He was very sweet and friendly and had no problems letting me and Jen smother him with love and kisses.

 Keira is such a good mom and Isaac is a very happy baby!

Isaac finally received his quilt that I made, and that was published by McCall's Quick Quilts this summer. I actually made it before he was born, but was pleased to know that McCall's wanted to publish it, so it was delayed in the delivery.
We were delighted to see my brother, Chris Winspear and darling wife, Gina and Tatum and Ethan at the Payne Family Reunion! 
(Photo above shows Isaac-Renn-Me-Tatum and Gina-Chris-Jennie)

 Look at these beautiful kids! Isaac-Tatum-and Ethan!

More later!


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Jennie said...

Im glad to be home in my own bed too, but I sure do miss my family & all the cute smiling faces! Thank you for posting the pic's. I love you bunches
xoxo j