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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Who Said Snow?

Someone said "Let it Snow!" and the heavens dumped tons of the white stuff all over the place. Virginia Beach is covered and more big flakes are making their way to earth with no sign of letting up. It is 30 degrees here, just cold enough to make it happen. Our screens have captured the flakes and blocked our view of the outside world. We are in an igloo! Mike and I are snug at home with no plans to venture out. *Photo #2 borrowed from Wavy 10 news page, Like I said, we are staying in!

Mike bought a pretty little Norfolk Pine, all decorated, for our living room. He must be feeling more festive than I have been. He bought me presents too. A very pretty little sight visited me as I wandered into the living room Christmas morning. Snuggly new slippers. a new camera, and an i-pad! I am totally thrilled! Have been playing with the i-pad non-stop! I even downloaded a book to read on it. Awesome! So less cumbersome than holding up a heavy book in bed.

Well, I am off to collect my Diet Coke and head to the sewing room to work on a quilt. We were delighted to hear from each of our kids yesterday and happy to know that you are all enjoying your families and each other, except for Jennie, who is happy amidst her cat and dogs, but I wish she was here with us.

Love, love, love to you all!

PS: Dad did the Christmas puzzle all by himself and complained the whole time. He wants to do it with YOU!

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