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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dim sum and Some Dim

 Today Mike and I went for Chinese dim sum. Dim sum is often referred to in Chinese novels that I read and I always wondered what it was.Turns out that it is small portions of food, like dumplings, shrimp puffs, etc. They bring it to your table on carts and you can select which delicacies you wish to try. I imagine that the Chinese select a few items and have a small meal of it. We, however, kept saying "Yes" to everything they showed us! We had shrimp dumplings and shrimp puffs and shrimp stuffed eggplant and tiny spare ribs and sesame balls and spring rolls, some more wonderful than others. Our favorite was the siew mai, pronounced shu mae. It had chicken and shrimp in it and was yummy. Least favorite: the sesame balls. They were pretty, but gummy inside. Didn't care for that.


I didn't have my camera for food photos as Lisa and Becky would have done, but got this from Google. Ours was served just like this, it little metal steamer containers. The Chinese people serving us were very nice and helpful, except for the guy who told us they charged extra for silverware. Very funny! 

Guess what else we had Lisa? Kanji! They offered us rice porridge and then called it kanji and I said "Yes! We have to try kanji"! I remember Lisa always wanted kanji when she didn't feel good and I felt so bad that I couldn't make it for her--since I had no idea what it was. Mike has decided that it is definitely a comfort food and that he would like it when he is sick also. Think chicken rice soup with more rice and very mashed up. They also had a big pot of dessert that Mike asked about. Turns out it was tofu with syrup. We passed.

We also stopped at the Apple store to look at the I-pads. They look pretty cool. Especially if you have a clue how they operate. The little kid next to us had his fingers dancing all over the screen. We just stared at the screen and said, "Now what?" The store was mobbed, as it always is whenever we go there. It literally buzzes with electronic activity. My mental acuity is depleted the moment I enter that store. I feel like I was raised in the Stone Age. This is where the "Some Dim" is realized.

More later...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Payne Family Reunion August 2010

It all started with this family, William and Carrie Payne, of Mt. View, Alberta
and their children.

Olof, Oliver, Billy, William (Father), Randell, Mary, Carrie (Mother), John, Hilda, Harold, & Delvin

These are just a few of their descendants: Ruthie, Kathy, Marcie, Nolan, Marie, Janie and Linda.
Kathy, me and Linda are from the oldest daughter, Mary Payne Chambers; and Ruthie, Nolan, Marie and Janie are from Hilda Payne Romeril, the youngest daughter!

Aunt Kathy

Cousin Nolan Romeril, auctioneer
Showing the ancestor quilt at the auction

Kathy Chambers Blackhurst, Marcie Winspear Patch, Nolan Romeril, Becky Froelich Pitcher

Marcie Patch and Janie Romeril

Grandpa Jim Winspear and Hoyt Blackhurst


Me-Dad-Linda with Ethan and Gina in front

Renn Patch and Mark Brower

David Slaughter and Lorna Brower
Aunt Jennie with Isaac and brother Renn

Jennie with Isaac and Linda

Keira took most of these photos for me, so she is not in any of them! Thanks Keira, they are great!

This was such a fun event, and I loved seeing relatives that I haven't seen in years, and meeting some for the first time! One sweet lady told me that one time when my mom visited Mt. View she sat on the porch with her and  a bushel of peas that needed to be shucked and the two of them went to work until they were done. That was a sweet memory that she had of my mother when she was 18 years old.
Nolan told me that he remembered when I visited at about 14 or 15 years old and how bad I hurt from horseback riding. He apparently thought it was quite funny to see a city girl in pain. Ha ha! I am amazed that they are still nice to me, because my memory is that they all had to get up early and bale hay and I slept in!

We do this again in two years! Start planning now to come!

Utah Trip 2010

 Polly, Grandpa Jim and Jennie
It is good to be home sleeping in my own bed after almost a month away. However, this morning I was awakened by screaming sea gulls. It was more quiet in every other bed that I slept in while away, even at student housing---well, except for Kathryn, who always needed something from her room that I was sleeping in, in spite of that fact that her mom got everything for her the night before. But what is the point of being five if you can't be the center of the universe, as she certainly is!

I had the pleasure of seeing all of my children and grandchildren on this trip. Plus my dad and lots of other relatives. It was great!  This was my first glimpse of Isaac since we saw him as a newborn last Christmas. He and Keira picked me and Jennie up at the airport in Salt Lake. He was very sweet and friendly and had no problems letting me and Jen smother him with love and kisses.

 Keira is such a good mom and Isaac is a very happy baby!

Isaac finally received his quilt that I made, and that was published by McCall's Quick Quilts this summer. I actually made it before he was born, but was pleased to know that McCall's wanted to publish it, so it was delayed in the delivery.
We were delighted to see my brother, Chris Winspear and darling wife, Gina and Tatum and Ethan at the Payne Family Reunion! 
(Photo above shows Isaac-Renn-Me-Tatum and Gina-Chris-Jennie)

 Look at these beautiful kids! Isaac-Tatum-and Ethan!

More later!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Family pics

Kathryn with her hamster collection.

Happy Birthday to Jack! He really wanted a guitar for his birthday. Uncle Renn gave him an electric guitar ad Travis gave him an acoustical. What a lucky kid!

Travis and Becky

Isaac sure liked Jennie!

Pretty Keira feeding Isaac. Oh I sure miss him!!!

Just a few photos to share!