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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter everyone! A month has quickly passed since Renn and Keira's wedding.  Mike got sick right after the wedding and is still coughing. I got sick a week after him, and I am pretty much back to normal. But it sure knocks the socks off you to be so wiped out. I hope everyone else is doing well. 
This week's big news is that our darling first granddaughter Becky has turned 20 years old! April 11 was the big day. Above she is pictured with Travis, her boyfriend and all-round nice guy! He drove with her to Las Vegas for the wedding festivities, so we all got to meet him. Becky and her friend, Lauren, are coming to spend the summer with us in Virginia Beach. Hopefully they will make some money and contribute to their educational goals. I expect they will find time to spend at the beach as well.  We love you Becky!

I think this is a nice picture of Grampa Jim, Renn and Mike. 
And these beautiful kids had such a good time together! Chris and Gina's two kids, Tatum and Ethan, and then Kathryn, Jack and Mary. Ethan isn't really that small, he is getting squished!

Now for anyone who is unaware, Jack got quite a nasty burn last week. His pants caught on fire while he was scratching at a fire in his neighbors backyard. It was such a freaky thing. A spark jumped up his pant leg and his pants flared right up. The neighbor is a doctor and she jumped to the rescue, fortunately. He is home from school, possibly for the rest of the year, all bandaged up and resting. Tomorrow he sees a burn specialist to determine if he will need a skin graft. Everyone please pray for Jack! You can read more about this on the Froelich Family blog - there is a linked on the side.

I am still waiting for photos or other news to publish here... 

Love to you all,   ~Marcie

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