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Friday, April 3, 2009

Las Vegas Sun

We had fun in Las Vegas.  This was the day before the Froelich's headed for home.  We needed to soak up all the sun we could before we went back to winter, snow and ice.  There is not a lot of sun in Missoula in the winter, lots of overcast, grey days.  Uncle Chris has a hot tub he fired up for the kids and they had a blast.  I would've preferred it if Kathryn hadn't gone in the water since she was sick, but there was no stopping her when the pool was cold so we were happy to have it warm...

Cute picture of Aunt Jennie and Mary!
   Grandpa Patch slept in the sun.
Kathryn danced in the sun!
Great Grandpa Jim read in the sun.
Jack dried off in the sun.
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MARCIE said...

Polly, these are great photos! Thanks for posting!