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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Yesterday Becky wanted a burger. "A big meaty one", she exclaims! Here she is trying to get her mouth around it!
Now she is laughing because she cannot! She is embarrassed about cutting her bangs crooked, so I thought I would point that out.

We have really loved having Becky here for the past six weeks. No, she never got a job, but it will be fine. Life smiles on Becky and she just bounces along, full of joy and happily entertaining herself. This is what I learned about Becky this summer: She is a happy person. She does not whine or complain. She does not get bored, as she finds things to do. She is very creative and can spend hours on projects that she pulls from the air, or the internet. Is that redundant?
Also, she loves taking pictures of herself. Well, that is nothing new! She is clever and entertaining and sharing and loving.

Becky leaves on Wednesday! We will miss her so much!

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Polly said...

My cute little Becky! What a nice girl. I just wish we could get her to entertain herself in a way that brings in some money.