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Friday, July 24, 2009


Hi Family, Just got back from Arizona and helping Matt and Anna Marie move to their new house. So, I am sharing a few pics of their new abode. We all love it! Nice big trees in the front of the house and lovely courtyard effect in the front entry. Of course the lovely, big trees are why the plumbing was clogged and the sewer line had to be drilled, but at least that is done now and they can flush again!
Their furniture fits beautifully in the new living room! The previous owners left this lovely big tree in the LR and it really adds. We think it was too heavy to move! Also, notice the plantation shutters. They are beautiful and go through the whole house. Love that they don't have to deal with window treatments!
Here is a corner of the yard with the pool. A darling mural enhances the back wall. I love that potted palm on the right. And cute lampposts! The cool decking is done in blocks, also an attractive feature. There are orange trees on the side of the house along with additional storage sheds.
Kyle, who is almost 18, and his friends moved all the furniture! They were great! Kyle also completed his Eagle Scout project while I was there, along with lots of help from his friends and ward leaders, and especially his MOM! Way to go Kyle! I am so proud of him for that accomplishment!
Darling Danielle sitting in her newly painted bedroom. She is a happy girl! And she is a very good worker! She and her friend Maybry helped pack and clean and carry boxes! They were great! And they never complained!
I was so happy to be able to help out. I love their new house, and you will too! I also loved seeing my relatives while there, going to lunch for Mexican food and visiting!

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Polly said...

Wow! way to go Kyle! The house looks awesome. Thanks for the pictures.