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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Recently I heard a rumor that people were tired of looking at Becky's wide open mouth when this blog was opened. Hard to believe. But here is a new post anyway. I am home from Atlanta after spending a week there with Jennie. Oddly, I have no photos of Jennie and myself. But Laura and Liz came on Monday to spend some time with us. So.....
Here is a pic of Laura and Jen--cozy cousins! Laura got up early and drove to Atlanta from Macon where she is staying with her dad. I hadn't seen Laura in years, but it didn't seem that way because I have seen so many pictures of her. She is bubbly, sweet and vivacious! She and Jen really enjoy each other.

It has been a few years since Liz and I have seen one another also. We spent the afternoon together and then went for pizza before Liz took the long trek home. It was so sweet of her to drive so far (3 hours) just to come and see me! Liz has a very nice blog that I enjoy reading. She has a nice writing style and talks good sense. Check it out!

Here is Jennie's kitty with whom I shared my bed and room and apparently my fabric purchases. Jennie and I had fun together. We visited a couple of quilt shops! She knows how to show her mom a good time! The week went quickly. I am thinking I may go back there in September. There is a big quilt show there that I wouldn't mind going to. Luckily Jennie enjoys looking at quilts and even making them. So we always can find a project to enjoy together!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Yesterday Becky wanted a burger. "A big meaty one", she exclaims! Here she is trying to get her mouth around it!
Now she is laughing because she cannot! She is embarrassed about cutting her bangs crooked, so I thought I would point that out.

We have really loved having Becky here for the past six weeks. No, she never got a job, but it will be fine. Life smiles on Becky and she just bounces along, full of joy and happily entertaining herself. This is what I learned about Becky this summer: She is a happy person. She does not whine or complain. She does not get bored, as she finds things to do. She is very creative and can spend hours on projects that she pulls from the air, or the internet. Is that redundant?
Also, she loves taking pictures of herself. Well, that is nothing new! She is clever and entertaining and sharing and loving.

Becky leaves on Wednesday! We will miss her so much!