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Saturday, January 30, 2010


I looked out my window and what did I see? Well, a very unusual sight for Virginia Beach, that's for sure! Despite all the predictions, I really didn't believe this would happen. We have probably gotten five inches of snow so far, and there may be more to come. I see people are beginning to get brave and there are cars going down Shore Drive, but we won't be one of them! We have everything we need right here!

I know, I know, we have seen lots worse than this all those years in Minnesota, but we don't live in Minnesota anymore! This is "the South", we don't expect to have to deal with this!
Dad is hunkered down with a book and a glass of Cream Soda, and I have started a pot of soup and cinnamon rolls. That is our cozy little weekend all wrapped up and warm! Give me a quilt and some hot chocolate please!

Love to you all!
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Polly said...

Wow, crazy! Cinnamon rolls sound yummy!