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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


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Our darling Lisa graduated--yes, from college! It is difficult to believe when you look at this sweet face that she is 22 years old!

We were delighted when Lisa told us that she wanted to come to Virginia to visit us on her way home to Hong Kong. We couldn't quite believe it, but she actually showed up here with her mother, Joanna. They spent three nights here and we loved every minute. Lisa has grown so much in the five years that we have known her. She is not as shy as when we first met her. She has a sweet and bubbly personality, and a good sense of humor. (We base that on the fact that she laughs at our jokes!)

Unfortunately it rained most of the time they were here, but we did manage to catch a few sunny minutes looking at the beach from atop a sand dune.
Joanna insisted on making dinner for us. Fried rice with crab and shrimp, and tomatoes with beef. She also stir fried shrimp in soy sauce, which we loved. I watched and tried to learn from her.

Joanna also made Chinese soup with bok choy and pork. Everything was so good and so pretty! We are so happy to know Joanna. She is lovely and so easy to be around. We hope they will come back and visit again when the sun is shining!

How blessed our family has been to have this special young woman in our family for the past five years. We will always think of her as our own and we are happy that her Hong Kong family was willing to share her with us.
We love you Lisa!


Polly said...

super cute post! Is Lisa wearing Dad's glasses? All the pictures are great, I wish I could've eaten Joanna's food. I miss Lisa all ready!

Mary said...

This is super cute, Lisa kinda looks like harry potter only way way cuter!