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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It is birthday time again! Our darling Danielle is 14 years old today! Happy Birthday Danielle! This photo is from last summer, and since she is coming to see us at the beach, I will have a chance to take more current pictures soon! Can't wait!

My sister Linda also has a birthday this month, and out of respect for the elderly, I will not disclose her age. But she looks darn good for a card carrying AARP member! And I never get tired of rubbing it in!

This, of course, is my beautiful mother, Louise Chambers Winspear, who passed away January 1, 2000, just a few months after this photo was taken. She was born June 9, 1923. Just last week I was in Minneapolis and visited her grave. It was a beautiful and peaceful day at the cemetery, and I shared a diet coke with her. I miss you Mom.

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