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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I opened a Facebook account. don't ask me how this happened, it just sort of did. I clicked onto the Parent's Magazine photo contest and it wanted my Facebook account. So I opened one! Simple as that. Suddenly all these people pop up that have accounts that I know. Mostly relatives, fortunately. I guess it must have searched my AOL address book, which is the email account I gave them. Can they do that?

So far it looks like a lot of my relatives making smart-alec remarks back and forth. Hey, I think I might like this! They are all so sassy! I like that about them! And no one ever comments on this blog, so maybe Facebook is the way to go. Honestly, I kind of avoided it because I thought it was a thing for the kids and I didn't want to become a voyeur into their private lives. You know, the lives that they expose to everyone with an Internet connection? But then the first person I got a friend request from was Mary!  So I guess I will play along and see where it goes.

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