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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A weekend in NYC

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This past weekend Mike and I took Danielle and Mabry to New York. We had such a great time! We drove up Friday morning and got there around 1:30pm. We stayed at the Mariott Marquis in Time Square. We walked all over for miles and I quickly became exhausted in the 90 degree heat. But I was able to keep up, only at a slower rate than everyone else. 

So maybe that's not keeping up after all. But I walked, and got there eventually. The girls were willing to shop till they dropped, only they never dropped. I, on the other hand, dropped several times. We had a fabulous Italian dinner at Sophie's the first night. We all had good meals, but in the end we agreed that Danielle's Fettucini Alfredo was the best. Wow--all cream and butter!

On Friday night we went to see the Addams Family. It was fabulous! Nathan Lane was Gomez, Bebe Neuwirth (aka Lilith) was Morticia. The whole cast was excellent! We loved it! The second night we saw Wicked and it was also fabulous! Great story and again, the acting and the singing was wonderful. We feel really lucky to have been able to get tickets for these hit productions.

On Sunday, before we went home, we took a buggy ride in Central Park. It was a lovely thing to do, tho Mike was embarrassed to be doing something so touristy. Sal, the driver, gave the girls a carrot to give the horse. They were a little nervous about that, but it was fine. Then the long drive home, not our favorite part, but our weekend was great! We all came home happy!

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